2010-2011-Therese Raquin

Therese Raquin

by Leslie Sands. Performed 14th-19th February 2011.

This was the second play of our 42nd season at Powys Theatre. We are proud of our history and the standard of the productions that we have maintained over the years and we hope you enjoyed this performance.

Cast & Crew

The Cast
Therese Jenni Freeman
Laurent Gareth Woodhouse
Madame Raquin Mary Turner
Camille Craig Harris
Grivet David Morgan
Michaud Martin Jones
Play directed by Jan Fursier
Set Design Jan Fursier
Stage Manager Gillian Thorp
Stage Crew Lyndon Clark, Mike Beal, David Lumb, Betty Maddocks, Tony Maher, Dave Snowdon, John Barnes, Philip Lumsden, Gillian Thorp, Clare Jenkins, Clive Bundy, Annabel West
Scenic Artist Philip Lumsden
Wardrobe Val Snowdon, Marjorie Meredith
Props Gaynor Tinker, Jackie Barnes, Clive Bundy
Lighting Aled Hughes, John Barnes, Dave Snowdon
Sound Tony Maher, Dave Snowdon
Prompt Sue James
Front Of House
FOH Manager Annabel West, Mike Beal
FOH Duties Members of the Society
Kitchen Supervisor Sylvia Davies
Ticket Sales Venue Oriel Davies Gallery
Thanks to The Salvation Army, Market St. Newtown for use of window space for advertising this play.

This amateur production was given by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

Theatre Notes

Once again may I welcome you to our Theatre for this, our second production of the Season. This is a new play for the Society even though it has been popular when read during Summer activities, particularly with a few of the older members of the Society. Casting has been a stumbling block until now, so we hope you feel that this production has ben successful.

Members have been generous in the loaning of antique furniture, and most of the female costumes have been custom made by one of our newer mambers, Val Snowdon. This is a reminder to us all that the mounting of a Production requires so many constituent parts – time, effort and a variety of skills, not just those immediately obvious on stage. The Director wishes to thank all who have contributed and would like to encourage any interested persons in our audiences to consider adding to the “jigsaw” by participating in our activities in other ways as well. “End pieces” always gratefully received.

The Society continues to thrive and is looking forward to many more successfull seasons. We hope to carry you forward with us into the future.

Jan Fursier