2007-2008-An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls

by J.B.Priestley. Performed 4th-9th February 2008.


An Inspector Calls, by J.B. Priestley, was written in 1945. It was first performed in Moscow in 1946, as no London theatres were available. It was then produced in London at the New Theatre on 1st October 1946. The play shows how people are inter-connected in the great drama of human existence. It refelcts Priestley’s socialist views, outling the problems he saw with capitalism. The play advocates duty and individual conscience, and as such is not so much colletivist and individualist. The role of the Inspector – his nature, character and contribution to the drama – can be interpreted in many ways, which undoubtedly contributes to the play’s continuing popularity.

It was a pleasure to welcome Jackie as a newcomer to our stage.

Cast & Crew

Arthur Birling Martin Jones
Gerald Croft Gareth Woodhouse
Sheila Birling Jenni Freeman
Sybil Birling Gillian Thorp
Eric Birling Gareth McMurdo
Inspector Goole Lyndon Clark
Edna Jackie Barnes
Play produced by Marjorie Meredith
Set Design Philip Lumsden
Set Construction Mike Beal, Elizabeth Briggs, Tony Burdock, Frank Capener, Jan Fursier, Maurice Hayling, Aled Hughes, David Hyam, David Lumb, Gaynor Tinker
Costumes Mary Hyam, Mary Turner
Wigs Heather Hughes
Props Jackie Barnes, Shirley Crowther
Lighting John Barnes, Philip Lumsden
Sound Shirley Crowther
Prompt Leslie Crowther
Stage Manager Gaynor Tinker
Front Of House
FOH Managers Frank Capener, Alma Conboy, Jan Fursier, David Morgan
FOH Duties Society Members & Friends
Kitchen Supervisor Sylvia Davies
Floral Decor Sylvia Davies
Advertising Space Nationwide Building Society
Ticket Sales Venue Oriel Davies Gallery
Publicity Lesley Crowther