Anastasia   by Marcelle Maurette, translated by Guy Bolton  
Performed 1st Feb – 6th Feb 2016.

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“The action of the play passes in a reception room in Prince Bounine’s mansion on the outskirts of Berlin”


Boris chernov, an ex banker Craig Harris
Piotr Petrovsky, an artist Brian Davies
Counsellor Drivinitz Tom Rothwell
Irina, the housekeeper Annabel West
Prince Bounine David Morgan
Sergel, the manservant Ian Salter
Anna Broun Holly Gee
A Charwoman Charlotte Salter
A Sleigh Driver Walter Sholmoth
Dr Michail Syrensky Gerrard Matthews
The Dowager Empress of Russia Gillian Thorp
Baroness Livenbaum Pam Edwards
Prince Paul Owain Farrington
Play directed by Jan Fursier


Set Design Phil Lumsden
Stage Manager John Barnes
Stage Crew John Barnes, Mike Beal, Gaynor Tinker, Gareth Woodhouse, Tony Maher, Philip Lumsden, Adam Evison, Jenni Freeman, Ian Salter
Scenic Artist Philip Lumsden
Wardrobe Heather Hughes, Lisa Biwater, Jan Fursier>
Props The Cast
Lighting Phil Lumsden, John Barnes
Sound Adam Evison, Tony Maher
Prompt Jackie Barnes

Front Of House

FOH Manager Gareth Woodhouse, Jenni Freeman
Publicity Jennie Freeman
FOH Duties Members of the Society
Kitchen Supervisor Sylvia Davies
Ticket Sales Venue Oriel Davies Gallery
Thanks to The Salvation Army, Market St. Newtown for use of window space for advertising this play.

Theatre Notes