Past Productions

Below is a list of all our performances since the society was formed in 1934 to the present day in reverse chronological order.
Note that we moved in to our current premises in 1969 whereupon we settled down into a four-play season, however we reduced to a three-play season from 2004 due to a reduction of active members.

Year Title Author
1935 The Barrets of Wimpole Street Rudolf Bessier
1935 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw
1936 Fresh Fields Ivor Novello
1937 Distinguished Gathering James Parish
1937 Passing of the Third Floor Back Jerome K. Jerome
1938 The Two Mrs. Carrolls Martin Vale
1944 Newspaper
1947 One act play: Trifles Susan Glaspell
1947 One act play: Villa for Sale Sacha Guitry
1947 One act play: A Dolls House Act 3 Henrik Ibsen
1949 A Soldier for Christmas Reginald Beckwith
1949 Tobias and the Angel James Bridie
1950 A Murder Has Been Arranged Emlyn Williams
1950 Dear Brutus J.M. Barrie
1951 The Chiltern Hundreds William Douglas-Home
1952 Jonah and the Whale James Bridie
1952 One act play: Valley of a Dream
1952 Dear Octopus Dodie Smith
1953 I Have Five Daughters Margaret McNamara
1953 The Hollow Agatha Christie
1954 The Gioconda Smile Aldous Huxley
1954 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
1955 Quiet Weekend Esther McCracken
1955 One act play: Before The Flood
1955 One act play: Romance in Grey
1955 One act play: The Woman Clare Boothe Luce
1955 The Holly and the Ivy Wynyard Browne
1956 The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde
1956 Gaslight Patrick Hamilton
1957 Waters of the Moon N.C. Hunter
1958 The Tinder Box Nicholas Stuart Grey
1958 Dangerous Corner J.B. Priestley
1958 Quiet Wedding Esther McCracken
1959 Ladies in Retirement Edward Percy & Reginald Denham
1959 Puss In Boots Nicholas Stuart Grey
1960 The Sacred Flame Somerset Maugham
1960 Bonaventure Charlotte Hastings
1961 Many Happy Returns Roland Pertwee & Noel Streatfield
1962 The Infernal Machine Jean Cocteau
1962 Murder at the Vicarage Agatha Christie
1963 A Man About The House Francis Brett Young
1963 So Many Children
1964 Breath of Spring Peter Coke
1964 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw
1964 Sailor Beware Philip King & Falkland Cary
1965 Trespass Emlyn Williams
1965 All Things Bright and Beautiful Keith Waterhouse , Willis Hall
1966 Secret Tent Elizabeth Addyman
1966 When We Are Married J.B. Priestley
1966 Shop at Sly Corner Edward Percy
1967 The Paragon Ronald and Michael Pertwee
1968 Toad of Toad Hall A.A. Milne
1969/1970 The Late Christopher Bean
Emlyn Williams
1969/1970 Dial M for Murder Federick Knott /
1969/1970 The Reluctant Debutants William Douglas Home
1969/1970 Dinner with the Family Jean Anouilh
1970/1971 The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley
1970/1971 Night Must Fall Emlyn Williams
1970/1971 An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde
1970/1971 Waltz of the Torreadors Jean Anouilh
1971/1972 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
1971/1972 Flowering Cherry Robert Bolt
1971/1972 Crime on Goat Island Ugo Betti
1971/1972 The House by the Lake Hugh Mills
1972/1973 The Noble Spaniard Somerset Maugham
1972/1973 A Letter from the General Maurice McLoughlin
1972/1973 Duet for Two Hands Mary Hayley Bell
1972/1973 Friends and Neighbours Austin Steele
1973/1974 A Doll’s House Henrik Ibsen
1973/1974 Say Who You Are Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
1973/1974 Murder Mistaken Janet Green
1973/1974 The Chalk Garden Enid Bagnold
1974/1975 The Aspern Papers Henry James (adapted by Michael Redgrave)
1974/1975 Beauty and the Beast Nicholas Stuart Gray
1974/1975 Black Chiffon Lesley Storm
1974/1975 Beside the Seaside Leslie Sands
1975/1976 Suddenly at Home Francis Durbridge
1975/1976 Cavalcade of Music Hall Devised and directed by Marjorie Meredith
1975/1976 Two Dozen Red Roses Aldo de Benedetti
1975/1976 Anastasia Guy Bolton
1976/1977 The Glass Menagerie Tenessee Williams
1976/1977 Boeing Boeing Marc Camoletti (adapted by Beverley Cross)
1976/1977 Daughter of the Left Hand Norman Holland
1976/1977 Trap for a Lonely Man Robert Thomas
1977/1978 The Heiress Henry James (adapted by Ruth and Augustus Goetz)
1977/1978 This Happy Breed Noel Coward
1977/1978 Oh What a Lovely War Theatre Workshop Charles Chiltern & Members of the Original Cast
1977/1978 Night Was Our Friend Michael Pertwee
1978/1979 Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckborn
1978/1979 Rebecca Daphne de Maurier
1978/1979 Showtime Marjorie Meredith
1978/1979 Woman in a Dressing Gown Ted Willis
1979/1980 The Day After the Fair Frank Harvey
1979/1980 There Goes the Bride Ray Clooney, John Chapman
1979/1980 I Never Sang for My Father Robert Anderson
1979/1980 Spring and Port Wine Bill Naughton
1980/1981 Hedda Gabler Henrik Ibsen
1980/1981 The Tinder Box Nicholas Stuart Gray
1980/1981 The Sacred Flame Somerset Maugham
1980/1981 Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn
1981/1982 Something to Hide Leslie Sands
1981/1982 Rookery Nook Ben Travers
1981/1982 The Enquiry Charlotte Hastings
1981/1982 After my Fashion Diana Morgan
1982/1983 Edge of Darkness Brian Clemens
1982/1983 When We are Married JB Priestley
1982/1983 The Two Faces of Murder George Batson
1982/1983 That’s Entertainment Marjorie Meredith
1983/1984 Cat’s Cradle Leslie Sands
1983/1984 Outside Edge Richard Harris
1983/1984 Ladies in Retirement Edward Percy/Reginald Denham
1983/1984 Restless Evil Charlotte Hastings
1984/1985 Caught on the Hop Derek Benfield
1984/1985 Happy Haven John Arden
1984/1985 House Guest Francis Durbridge
1984/1985 Time and the Conways JB Priestley
1985/1986 Your Obedient Servant Diana Morgan
1985/1986 Move over Mrs Markham Ray Cooney/Edward Chapman
1985/1986 A Quiet Weekend Esther McCracken
1985/1986 Bitter Sanctuary Rosemary Ann Sisson
1986/1987 Time and Time Again Alan Ayckbourn
1986/1987 Sailor Beware P. King/Falkland Cary
1986/1987 Horses in Midstream Andrew Rosenthal
1986/1987 The Secret Tent Elizabeth Addyman
1987/1988 The Paragon Roland/Michael Pertwee
1987/1988 Midsummer Mink Peter Coke
1987/1988 Gaslight Patrick Hamilton
1987/1988 Fish Out of Water Derek Benfield
1988/1989 Pack of Lies Hugh Whitmore
1988/1989 I’ll Get My Man Philip King
1988/1989 An Inspector Calls J.B.Priestley
1988/1989 Brush With A Body Maurice McLaughlin
1989/1990 Rattle of a Simple Man Charles Dyer
1989/1990 Why Me? Stanley Price
1989/1990 Shock Brian Clemens
1989/1990 Running Riot Derek Benfield
1990/1991 Lloyd George Knew My Father William Douglas Home
1990/1991 84 Charing Cross Road Helene Hanff/James Roose Evans
1990/1991 The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde
1990/1991 Deadly Nightcap Francis Durbridge
1991/1992 My Three Angels Sam and Bella Spewack
1991/1992 Friends and Neighbours Austin Steele
1991/1992 Gone up in Smoke Georgina Reed
1991/1992 Murder in Company Philip King
1992/1993 I have Five Daughters Margaret Macnamara
1992/1993 Cat Among the Pigeons Duncan Greenwood
1992/1993 Month of Sundays Bob Larbey
1992/1993 Double Cut Alfred Shaughnessy
1993/1994 Deep Blue Sea Terence Rattigan
1993/1994 Night Must Fall Emlyn Williams
1993/1994 Charity Cases Graham Harris
1993/1994 The Late Christopher Bean Emlyn Williams
1994/1995 Murder for the Asking Derek Benfield
1994/1995 Boeing Boeing Mark Camoletti , Beverley Cross
1994/1995 Winslow Boy Terrence Rattigan
1994/1995 Run for your Wife Ray Cooney
1995/1996 The Dresser Ronald Harwood
1995/1996 The Small Hours Francis Durbidge
1995/1996 Our Friend Miss Flint Donald Churchill , Peter Yeldham
1995/1996 Murder Mistaken Janet Green
1996/1997 Dangerous Obsession N.J. Crisp
1996/1997 Busybody J. Popperwell
1996/1997 Take Away the Lady Jimmy Chinn
1996/1997 Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn
1997/1998 Murder Deferred Stuart Ready
1997/1998 Beside the Seaside Leslie Sands
1997/1998 Hounds of the Baskervilles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
1997/1998 The Haunted Through Lounge and Recessed Dining Nook at Ferndale Castle David Mcgillivray , Walter Zerlin
1998/1999 Dead Guilty Richard Harris
1998/1999 Basinful of the Briny Leslie Sands
1998/1999 The Heiress Ruth & Augustus Geotz
1999/2000 A Touch of Danger Francis Durbridge
1999/2000 Many Happy Returns Jon Pertwee/ Noel Streatfield
1999/2000 Intent to Murder Leslie Sands
1999/2000 The Full Treatment Michael Brett
2000/2001 So What Do We Do About Henry Charlotte Hastings
2000/2001 Caught on the Hop Derek Benfield
2000/2001 Beyond Reasonable Doubt Jeffrey Archer
2000/2001 Something to Hide Leslie Sands
2001/2002 The Cemetery Club Ivan Menchell
2001/2002 The Noble Spaniard W. Somerset Maugham
2001/2002 Dead Man’s Hand Seymour Matthews
2001/2002 Barefoot in the Park Neil Simon
2002/2003 A Murder is Announced (AgathaChristie) Adapted by Leslie Darbon
2002/2003 Move over Mrs Markham Ray Cooney & John Chapman
2002/2003 The Trouble with Old Lovers Angela Huth
2002/2003 Anybody for Murder Brian Clemens & Dennis Spooner
2003/2004 Being of Sound Mind Brian J. Burton
2003/2004 Quartet Ronald Harwood
2003/2004 The Edge of Darkness Brian Clemens
2003/2004 The Farndale Avenue Housing Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jnr
2004/2005 The Enquiry Charlotte Hastings
2004/2005 Running Riot Derek Benfield
2004/2005 Fatal Encounter Francis Durbridge
2005/2006 Whose Life Is It Anyway? Brian Clark
2005/2006 Relative Values Noel Coward
2005/2006 The Secret Tent Elizabeth Addyman
2006/2007 Caught In The Net Ray Cooney
2006/2007 Suspicions N J Crisp
2006/2007 Romantic Comedy Bernard Slade
2007/2008 Murdered to Death Peter Gordondf
2007/2008 An Inspector Calls J.B. Priestley
2007/2008 A Letter from the General Maurice McLoughlin
2008/2009 Strictly Murder Brian Clemens
2008/2009 The Odd Couple (Female Version) Neil Simon
2008/2009 Your Obedient Servant Diana Morgan
2009/2010 Night Watch Lucille Fletcher
2009/2010 Time and Time Again Alan Ayckbourn
2009/2010 Deadly Nightcap Francis Durbridge
2009/2010 The One Mistake Reg Newman
2010/2011 Waters of the Moon N.C. Hunter
2010/2011 Therese Raquin Leslie Sands
2010/2011 A Foot in the Door Richard Harris
2011/2012 When We Are Married J.B. Priestley
2011/2012 Find the Lady Michael Pertwee
2011/2012 The Murder Game Constance Cox
2012/2013 House Guest Francis Durbridge
2012/2013 Fish Out Of Water Derek Benfield
2012/2013 Summer End Eric Chappell
2013/2014 You Can Only Die Twice Clive Bundy
2013/2014 Day Of Reckoning Pam Valentine
2013/2014 Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn
2014/2015 The Small Hours Francis Durbridge
2014/2015 Don’t Utter A Note Anton Delmar
2014/2015 Proscenophobia (Stage Fright) Bettine Manktelow
2015/2016 My Friend Miss Flint Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham
2015/2016 Anastasia Marcelle Maurette
2015/2016 The House On The Cliff George Batson
2016/2017 Murder By The Book Duncan Greenwood and Robert King
2016/2017 Theft Eric Chapell
2016/2017 Gaslight Patrick Hamilton
2017/2018 Night Was Our Friend Michael Pertwee
2017/2018 Lions of England-BATS David Weir-Phil Mansell
2017/2018 Murder On Cue Robin Jennifer Miller
2018/2019 Gold Frankincense and Murder Bryan Darby
2018/2019 Dying To Meet You Ron Hutson
2018/2019 Dead Guilty Richard Harris
2019/2020 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
2019/2020 Love In A Mist Kenneth Horne