2011-2012-Find the Lady

Find The Lady

by Michael Pertwee. Performed 6th – 11th February 2012.


The action takes place in the lounge of the Delamere Private Hotel, South Kensington, London SW7 3LG. Time the present.

Cast & Crew

The Cast
The Lady Gaynor Tinker
Rosie Lake Jenni Freeman
Mrs Pratt Gillian Thorp
Tim Cantel David Morgan
Miss Daintee Alma Conboy
Mark Anderson Clive Bundy
Desiree Pratt Kim Davies
Doctor Ali Tom Jones
Jean Smith Annabel West
Play directed by Jan Fursier
Set Design Jan Fursier
Stage Manager John Barns
Stage Crew Mike Beal, David Lumb, Phil Lumsden, Lyndon Clark, Tony Maher, Dave Snowdon, Val Snowdon, John Barnes, Betty Maddocks
Scenic Artist Philip Lumsden
Wardrobe Val Snowdon
Props Mary Turner, Gaynor Tinker
Lighting Gareth Woodhouse, Dave Snowdon
Sound Mike Beal
Prompter Jackie Barnes
Front Of House
FOH Managers Martin Jones
Publicity Martin Jones
FOH Duties Members of the Society
Refreshments Society Members supervised by Sylvia Davies
Floral Decor Sylvia Davies
Advertising Space The Salvation Army, Market St., Newtown
Ticket Sales Venue Oriel Davies Gallery

This amateur production was given by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.